Sheer Whitening Gel

Sheer Whitening Gel
Item# SkinLight
$ 35.95

Product Description

Sheer Whitening Cream: With Sheer Whitening Cream, lighten and brighten age spots, freckles, uneven skin color and other discolorations. This cream is enriched with oils and a multi-fruit complex of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Hydroquinone free formulation lightens without irritation. Leaves the customers skin silky smooth, nourished and protected.

Directions For Use: Apply cream to effected area both AM and PM

Safe And Easy To Use

*Medically Proven Formula By Dermatologists And Pharmacists

*See Results In 2 Weeks

*No harmful ingredients like HYDROQUINONE

*Helps With

-Old Scars



-Acne Marks


-Tans/Sun Damage

-Dark Elbows, Knees, Knuckles

-Dark Underarms

-Other Hyperpigmentation

-General Skin Lightening

-Age/Liver Spots/ Skin Spots